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Featured Interview with Michael Gale

Featured Interview with Michael Gale

April 1, 2020

If anyone is passionate about digital technologies and their impact on our future, it’s Michael Gale. In 2001, Michael founded and sold two companies Strategic Oxygen, a leading data toolset for marketers in the technology industry and Pulsepoint group. He has been a group partner at Monitor Group and was the chief web officer/GM at Micron Technology.

As the host of Forbes Insights Futures InFocus podcast, Michael’s experience and passion for digital tech are evident. He engages in conversations with global visionaries and leaders who are thinking about our world 10 years from now, helping us design for it, and guiding us toward it in a way that allows us to thrive. Nothing is certain about the future except the need to design differently for it than the world we live in today.

Only 29% of Americans think about the world of 10 years from now and only once a week (Institute of the Future research 2017), yet 95%+ of us will be living in a world dominated by different ways of working, entertaining, eating, transporting ourselves, educating and raising our families. How the digital technologies now dominating our world will change how we think about the world that is far closer than we realize should be a question we each get insight on each week.

Michael brings together visionaries who are charged with the responsibility to help guide and stimulate the thinking necessary to drive design and actions that will change the world we’ll be living in 10 years from now. Our future will be identified and defined by decisions, ideas, and practices that we start putting into play today. Through his conversations with CEOs of startups, Global 2000 executives, academics, and innovative thinkers, Michael hopes to spark new ways for us to do anything and everything right now to help prepare us to thrive in the future.


COVID-19 And How To Use This Time To Reinvent Yourself

COVID-19 And How To Use This Time To Reinvent Yourself

March 28, 2020

Michael discusses the Covid-19 status, self isolation, the death of his Dad, and how to take these most interesting of times to reinvent yourself.


Https:// for the bucket list template for the free 7-session life coaching while in isolation

Interview with Jill Valdez

Interview with Jill Valdez

March 25, 2020

Jill has been helping people for over 18 years … helping with better systems for their company, helping with better communication, helping with overcoming obstacles that keep them from being all that they are purposed to be.  For 15 years, she was in the non-profit sector, at both a start-up and an established corporation. 

In 2016, a corporate restructure caused Jill to have to figure out what she wanted to do for her new career.  She went back to school and finished her BA in Psychology, got a job as a project manager, started her MS (which she completed in November, 2018), developed to Director of HR and realized everything she did in the non-profit world was relevant in the for-profit sector. Jill’s passion for helping companies has led her to the launch of LINK … providing strategies for staff development, aligning employee’s passion with a company’s vision for increased efficiency and effectiveness to get to the next, now.

Interview with Maya Holihan

Interview with Maya Holihan

March 23, 2020

About Maya Holihan


Maya is the President of Loyalty Networking, a business-to-business platform that offers entrepreneurs and business executives the opportunity to become a network partner with a turnkey system that is easy to deploy, generates passive income and serves as a marketing strategy to grow their referral base, forge valuable relationships and support their business goals.  


Prior to Loyalty Networking she owned one of the largest retail wedding businesses in the country; She purchased a fledgling business in 2004 and grew it to a multi-million dollar company.  Her portfolio of wedding businesses included six retail stores, a wedding planning company, bridal shows, and a magazine.

Maya’s career started in luxury goods as a manager with GIANNI VERSACE and then Vera Wang, which launched her 16-year career in the wedding industry.  


Maya has an accomplished career of leading operations, developing successful teams, and growing and diversifying revenues.  She’s a respected leader who thrives in creative environments where she can implement out-of-the-box strategic and analytical thinking.  Her passion areas are brand development, marketing and public relations. Much of her inspiration comes from her mentors and mentees. She’s passionate about sharing her experiences with aspiring and successful entrepreneurs and business executives.

Maya gives back to her community by volunteering with many nonprofit organizations including Safe House Project, an anti-human sex-trafficking organization.  She’s the President of the Board of Directors for Daniel’s Grace, a charitable foundation that helps families affected by cancer with their daily living needs.



Featured Interview with Nancy Parsons

Featured Interview with Nancy Parsons

March 18, 2020

Nancy Parsons is President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and co-author of the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® which has been used to coach and develop leaders around the globe for two decades. She’s a foremost expert in cutting edge psychological assessments used for leadership and talent development. In 2019, she received the International Thought Leader of Distinction Award in Executive Coaching by the MEECO Leadership Institute.

Nancy provides executive coaching services for leaders and c-suite executives across all sectors, facilitates strategic team development sessions, and instructs various leadership workshops. She designed and continues to instruct the CDR Executive Coaches’ Certification Workshop and teaches advanced coaching and consulting programs for internal and external consultants. Nancy authored a researched based book, Fresh Insights to End the Glass Ceiling, has written more than 70 articles, and has operated a blog since 2009. She is currently working on her second book titled Women are Creating the Glass Ceiling and Have the Power to End It to be released in late 2019 with her third well underway, titled Transforming Leaderocrity®.

Interview with Mitchell Levy

Interview with Mitchell Levy

March 16, 2020

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy (pronounced Lee Vee) is a TEDx speaker and international bestsellng author of over 60 books. As The AHA Guy at AHAthat (, he helps to extract the genius from your head in a two hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book, publish it, distribute it, and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. He's provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. He helps social media experts to be recognized for their expertise. He has an interesting view on where the world is going which you can see in his TED talk

Mitchell Levy received his BS in Operational Research from the University of Miami (UM).This led to Mitchell graduating in the top 2%, representing his class at the graduating ceremonies. He then went on to get his MBA from the College of William and Mary, earning a full-scholarship and graduating six-months ahead of schedule. Mitchell’s extraordinary abilities, keen sense of marketing, and visionary approach on how to marry this practice with the new technologies of the Internet, opened doors to CommerceNet; whereas Sun Microsystem’s representative, he would become CommerceNet’s Marketing Track Director. Moreover, he would rub shoulders and collaborate with thought leaders and pioneers as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and media mogul Mark Cuban (also owner of the Dallas Mavericks and regular on the successful TV show Shark Tank). Mitchell has taught at San Jose State University, University of California, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University and has created four executive education programs for San Jose State University and UC, Santa Cruz. Today, Mitchell Levy is an entrepreneur and the author of 56 books.

He has written a number of books which can be found here :

The AHA Guy Mitchell Levy is a source of inspiration for those who are struggling in their careers and life. He has been a motivational speaker and will share his motivational quotes that will inspire the listeners and motivate them to work harder. Mitchell Levy will discuss how easy it is to build an idea and start a career. He will discuss how to overcome your weaknesses and start your own business. He will techniques and strategies with the audience.

Featured Interview with Robin Marvel

Featured Interview with Robin Marvel

March 11, 2020

Robin's story is so impactful. 

Life is made of choices. We've all heard this statement at one time or another, but to me It's not just a saying — it's a way of life. I learned at a very young age that our choices determine the successes that we achieve in our lives. Living in a state of blame for the challenges you've faced will not benefit you in any way . Luckily, you have the opportunity to transform from a victim to a victor, and catapult yourself into the life you desire.

I have turned the unfortunate circumstances I experienced as a child into a method of encouraging others, aiding those in need in the pursuit of finding confidence and strength. I am one of many who have been faced with traumatic circumstances. My passion lies in reaching out to those who can relate, and encouraging them to heal from the inside out. The result? A strong, empowered person that will change the world.

My childhood was peppered with domestic, drug, emotional and mental abuse. I survived countless nights of watching my mom endure beatings, can recall multiple parental kidnappings, have experienced homelessness on more than one occasion and could recount stories of the effects of drug abuse for hours. These experiences have given me the ambition I needed to move towards success by living limitlessly. I refuse to repeat the cycle..

Every night of my childhood was the same story of my parent's meeting up at a bar, an event that would result in my dad following my mom home, then provoking the fight that would carry on throughout the night. I would spend this time tucked in the corner of a closet, covered with anything I could find to avoid hearing the abuse against my mother. Following soon there after, a kidnapping that I knew was coming would occur. After baHering my mom until she could no longer fight back, my dad would discover my location and steal me away yet again. We would then find a place where the police would not find us, and spend the remainder of the night sleeping in his car. Although I was only a second grade child, I vividly remember wondering how a person could allow the repetetive abuse that peppered my mother's life. At such a young age, I noticed the repetition in the choices that led to that same situation each night.

Eventually my mom did get the courage to leave my dad, but she continued the same cycle of abuse. She entertained many relationships that resulted in physical beatings in the front yard. I remember shoving her in ditches to prevent her from being run over by the abusive men in her life. This continued into the teen years of my life. Not only was I experiencing the physical abuse in my mother's life, I was also watching as every adult and potential role model in my life abused every drug you can imagine. It was never out of the ordinary to come home from school and see lines of coke on the table and piles of weed on the counter.  Looking back, seeing them as so dependent on this drug gave me a reason to keep as far away from the substances as possible. Their abuse showed me the real results this sort of thing has on a life, and I am thankful to have seen the truth of something so destructive.

As a teenager I was lacking the attention that so many kids need. I had no sense of self worth or self love.  To compensate, I turned to alcohol and partying. At the time, it validated me. It made me feel that I was good enough. Little did I know that the repercussions of my decisions were right around the corner. I was sexually assaulted at one point by a male friend and chose to take part in his prosecution, something that was anything but easy in a small town that thrived on the gossip that stemmed from it.  Of course, this wasn't quite enough to wake me up. The reality check I needed came along when I became a mother at the age of 16. (In no relation to the sexual assault)  Upon learning I was having a girl, I made the decision that we would not be a statistic. I knew I would have to work hard, but the daunting task did not discourage me. I continue to work hard and ensure that this is our truth every day. It's important to me that I am always a great role model by living with self respect and determination.  

My story provides a beacon of light to those who feel they have arrived at the darkest corner of their lives. I am living proof that you can single-handedly turn your own life around. I took every negative situation I was dealt in life and turned each of them into motivation and purpose. I made the choice to break the cycle of dysfunction I had come to know as a child and young adult by taking responsibility for all aspects of who I am.

These days, I have ditched the wounded persona and traded it up for the life of a multi-published author and presenter in the field of self development. I use the medium of authorship and speaking to show others that they are not a product of their past. Although we face challenges great and small, I assure you we all have the power to live the life of our dreams by freeing ourselves from painful ruts and demolishing all limitations.

I take personal responsibility for my life in the present.  I do not place blame on anyone in my childhood. I look back on it and know I am a stronger person. I am often asked if I could change my childhood, would I? I am always quick to respond with a "no". If I had to go through all of that to become the person I am today, then it was worth it.

I make my choices for me and appreciate the lessons I learned from the life I lived as a child. I have learned to make my choices count and to treat my self with respect and honor and therefore influence and encourage the people in my life to do the same for themselves.

Making the choice to take life on in the drivers seat is up to you. It is easy to watch the world pass by while you are being a victim. Being a victim is the easy way out. removing that personality from your life will give you the opportunity to see the world from a whole new perspective. Each choice you make has an astounding effect of where you are and where you are going in this wonderful journey of life. I have made the choice to work hard and live a life of attracting opportunity. I am now the proud mother of five amazing daughters that defy all odds of a teen mother statistic. I am also living my dreams as a multi-published author and Motivational speaker in the field of self development!

No matter where you have been it is where you are going that really matters. Take the time today and everyday to live limitless. 


Robin's new book:  Healing Childhood Trauma :

Interview with Paul Casey

Interview with Paul Casey

March 8, 2020

Originally from Chicago, Paul has now been a professional speaker for over 24 years (now giving over 75 presentations per year), and he is one of the leading authorities in leadership and personal growth—especially time management—helping people take back their calendars and restore sanity to their lives. He has spoken for organizations like McDonalds, Subway, Lamb Weston, Northwest Public Power, and Autozone—and among others, he coaches 20 leaders at Pacific NW National Laboratories and 17 leaders at Columbia Basin College. Paul has a Master’s degree in education, and has been an educator/administrator/Chief Operating Officer in 5 non-profit organizations.

He is an ACC-certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Master Trainer, and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He was awarded Solopreneur of the Year by the West Richland Chamber a few years ago.

Through his company, Growing Forward Services, Paul has partnered with his corporate and individual clients to transform their vision, their habits, and their lives. Currently, Paul carries out his mission of sparking breakthrough success by contributing daily inspirational growth messages on local radio and via social media. Also, he has inspired thousands of individuals and leaders to grow forward through his seminars, his team-building off-site retreats, one-to-one self-leadership coaching, Mastermind groups, and as a keynote speaker. Paul has written 3 books: The Static Cling Principle (on habits and mindsets), Maximizing Every Minute (on time management), and Leading the Team You’ve Always Wanted. And he interviews local leaders in his podcast: the Tri-Cities Influencer. and

Featured Interview with Perry Marshall

Featured Interview with Perry Marshall

March 4, 2020

Perry Marshall is a world-renowned business consultant, bestselling author, speaker, and engineer who bridges science, religion, technology, and marketing.

With a decade of research experience, Perry brings fresh perspective to the 100-year old debate about human evolution. He founded the $5 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, staffed by judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT, to cross the chasm between genetics and artificial intelligence. He is the author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, which is endorsed by leading scientists around the world.


Perry also wrote the world’s best selling book on web advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry. More recently, he’s turned “80/20” into a verb, and his book 80/20 Sales & Marketing is mandatory in many growing companies.    Perry has supported at least a dozen companies that went from zero dollars  to hundreds of millions, including Fanduel, Infusionsoft and Loan Builder.


30 Day Street MBA email course:

Interview with Jay Doran

Interview with Jay Doran

March 2, 2020

Thirty Days of thought is a book that encourages people to read, write and speak every day. It works as a small journal and then we teach videos on your own social medias. Published with Culture Unites Authors

Jay Doran helps business owners define their companies values and increase their confidence to lead both personally and professionally. Value creation juxtaposed by story, language, and symbolic construction leads to less company turnover and greater productivity resulting in more profit. The latter is why companies hire a Cultural Architect.

The Culture Puzzle is a 20-30 thousand word deliverable theorized, cultivated and developed by Jay Doran CEO of Culture Matters as a proprietary solution to solving employee retention. Jay Doran cannot help anyone without listening to understand so set up a call with a Culture Coordinator today and start your application process.

Jay Doran is the Best Selling Author of Thirty Days of Thought get your copy on Amazon today.