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Featured Interview with Dan Pelino

October 9, 2020

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Dan Pelino is an innovator, thought
leader and author. He is the co-founder
of Everyone Matters, Inc., a social
impact enterprise dedicated to ensuring
that everyone has the right to dignity and
respect, to be who they are without being
shamed or demeaned, and to thrive
within their own unique individuality.
He worked for IBM for 36 years, leading
its Global Healthcare and Life Sciences
Business for 10 years. He concluded his
career with IBM as the General Manager
of the global Government, Healthcare,
Education, and Life Sciences business.
Pelino is the co-author of Trusted
Healers: Dr. Paul Grundy And The
Global Healthcare Crusade
(September 2019).
He is a regular contributor to the
discussion on healthcare, citizen based
services and Smarter Cities having
appeared on CNN, Bloomberg, the BBC and other media outlets.

Pelino serves as a moderator and host to the current healthcare debate and is an adjunct professor
lecturing on Leadership at his alma mater Western Kentucky University. He also guest lectures
at other colleges and universities. He serves on numerous private and public boards.
He resides in Northern Virginia. For more information see:

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