Breakfast Leadership Show

Featured Interview with Dr. Joni Carley

February 19, 2020

The Alchemy of Power,  The Alchemy of Power reveals:

  • what power is
  • what it means to have it
  • how to develop and manage it
  • how to navigate the global call for leaders to use their power to create a better world by developing better workplaces.

Joni’s uncommon leadership expertise, combined with her knack for transformative dialog, engages audiences in thought-provoking and behavior-changing ideas. Her unique depth & breadth of experience – ranging from the board room to the jungle, universities to the United Nations, and from executive coaching to keynoting – helps give voice to a large, powerful, diverse, but often neglected, socially responsible demographic that has reached a critical mass but is rarely represented in media.

She represents the voices of citizens around the world who are increasingly demanding that business and social leaders transition from win/lose to all-win strategies. There is an emergent global call for leaders to make better workplaces and a better world by letting values drive decision-making.

Dr. Joni’s expertise in leadership and cultural transformation offers a deeper cut to core issues, using ageless wisdom, cutting edge thought leadership and practical application.

Book:  The Alchemy of Power: