Breakfast Leadership Show

Interview with Lorianne Speaks

June 5, 2019

Editor note:  Apologies for the alarm noises in the background.  Joys of living in a high rise.


Don't turn down a gig if they aren't paying you.

Be active on social media, and follow your mentors.  Comment on their posts.  Get known to them and to their audience.

Michael also talks about the transition of General Motors under Mary Berra's leadership.

Lorianne has over 15 years of professional experience working with Speaker/Authors taking care of all administrative functions.  Having experience as Executive Coordinator and Office Manager for well-known Author/Speakers and their companies supporting C-level management as well as creative personalities. She is THE detail person!  She has been responsible for all office coordination as well as travel and company-wide meeting logistics.

Lorianne also has extensive experience in recruitment and hiring in a variety of industries ranging from Administrative, Sales and C-Level hiring. 

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