Breakfast Leadership Show

Interview with Rajshree Patel

September 16, 2019


An over looked key to thriving at work, life or more is knowing how to manage our mind and its relationship to our personal energy crisis. Burn out is directly tied to levels of life energy and mind-set from which we operate.

The higher our Vital energy, the greater our resilience, agility, creativity and power.
Many tools are offered today around Resilience, stress reduction, etc. such as, mindfulness, EQ, therapy, meditation apps. etc. but very few people are actually able to do it.

Why? for the simple reason the tools require the result -of some degree of calm to begin with- It's more mental work. Only advanced practice and a lot of time gives the result the person is seeking.

We need a simple exercises that directly impacts the mind. As easy and as simple as lifting a dumb bell. Something you can do, use any where any time. Vital Force is the key to less stress, more success. .. with less effort.

Find Rajshree on social media under the handle @ByRajshree

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